Annual Conference, June 23, 2012

MLA IB In Academic Libraries Discussion Group Minutes
Annual Conference, June 23, 2012
Anaheim, CA


Bibliography News: Barbara Chen

  1. Additions and enhancements:
    • Additional classification structures for subject authors: now allows for up to 5 subject author classifications, so no longer have to choose one classification over another
    • New template for pedagogy/profession
  1. 2012 Enhancements (coming in October)
          • Addition of Choice reviews
          • Addition of references (now adding Wiley-Blackwell, more coming in future)
          • Two new record types: Scholarly editions and Translations
          • “Website active” indicator: will allow limiting search to active websites only, for example
  1. Starting a new MLA internship program: the first intern begins right after ALA Annual
  2. MLA is up and running with Summon (Summon updates later in meeting)
  3. MLA News: MLA journals now supporting Open Access

Questions for Barbara

  • Will MLAIB add URLs for online journals?  Barbara: what happens when the URLs change, articles, move, publisher changes?
  • Is there a way to note that a journal is open access and online only? Barbara: There should already be a link to the main journal page

Folks should send issues and examples related to journals, links, etc. to Barbara – she gets things done!

Vendor Updates
Ebsco, Craig Brandt:

  1. Reported issues of subject headings not displaying has been fixed!
  2. Changes to facets:
          • Addition of record counts
          • “Language” is a new facet
          • All results are now incorporated (?)
          • New “Show more” view to select multiple facets
  1. Mobile:
          • Will automatically recognize mobile devices
          • Button to toggle between full and mobile views (for tablets and such)

Gale, Mary Onorato
In the process of unifying LRC and MLA home pages
New features/updates:

  • Relevance algorithm
  • Search assist & graphic search

Currently working with user for input
Beta released around mid-summer
Feedback encouraged – contact
Platform-wide update will address issues of linking out w/ SFX

Proquest, Sarah Brechner — filling in for John Pegum

  1. MLAIB on new platform: March 2012
  2. June 2012 update:
    • drop-down menu improvements
    • Looks up lists now show current labels
    • Can combine facets
    • Language name changing from abbreviated to full
  3. Still to do:
    • Data clean up: Country of Publication in publication directory
    • Name mapping for authors
  4. New features:
    • Set day of week for alerts
    • DB selection is improved: more prominent and can change with one click
    • Can set default search DB, bundle favorite search DBs
  5. Migration tips at
  6. Will add Cambridge Companions to Literature Online, will be mapped to MLAIB
  7. Contact John with questions/comments:
    John Pegum, Product Manager, Literature,

Summon, John Law

  1. The role of MLA & discovery:
    • “MLA will enhance discovery for the researcher”
    • Provides an “information literacy” moment: Summon will recommend subject DBs like MLA and search results will link directly to MLA record
    • DB recommender: uses trigger words in Phase 1, Phase 2 will use “result set analysis” — the percentage of results relative to the whole
  2. Will optimize use of MLA via discovery in Summon
    • Increased usage of MLA among traditional and non-traditional users
    • Enhanced visibility and perceived need by providing usage credit for MLA stats

Note taker: D. Childress


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