Midwinter Conference, January 24, 2009

MLA IB In Academic Libraries Discussion Group Minutes
Midwinter Conference, January 24, 2009
Crown Plaza: Altitude Room
Denver, CO

Agenda Item 1: Updates from Barbara Chen, Executive Director, MLAIB

Barbara Chen updated the group about changes to the MLAIB and other MLA Issues: Notably MLAIB has added 12,500 publisher provided abstracts, they are working on keyboarding retrospective records from the 1970s. The MLA has added meta-data specialists to the staff. The Fellowship program continues with a new crop of 10 fellows who will be trained in New York and will be provided with further training including an online tutorial (fellows must be MLA members). The MLA launched a new manual in December for the field bibliographers. And finally work continues on the petition setting up the Academic Libraries group within the MLA.

Agenda Item 2: Updates from MLAIB Vendors

  1. Brian Cannan from OCLC addressed the MLA -WorldCAT partnership. Through WorldCAT local users have access to selective fields in the MLAIB, the full record is only available to users who have access to the MLAIB through a subscription. One challenge that remains is the failure of the MLAIB records to come to the top of a results list.
  2. Dan Bernstone from Proquest discussed Chadwyk platform improvements: these include adding a web-sites search with limiter, improved browse, the addition of 25 more journals in LION bringing the title to 236, and the addition of more full text literary sources. The CSA platform now has the directory of Periodicals and will soon add Website searching. CSA also has the ability to link dissertations. The group asked Dan when the ProQuest versions will merge: sometime; and if a “quick search” could be made for LION.
  3. Mark Cormier from Gale discussed how MLAIB features and functionality have been enhanced in their Omni Platform. Language and Document type have been added with improved opportunities for faceted searching and sort options. They have improved bookmarking and tightened the integration of the MLAIB with the LRC. They fixed the problem with punctuated names. In 2009 more search improvements are planned and improved alerts are expected.
  4. Craig from EBSCO discussed the improvements in the EBSCOhost 2 Platform and how they would improve access to the MLAIB, 25 fields are now searchable and genre, literary technique, and scholarly theory have been added.

Agenda Item 3: LES Member Activities & Other Updates

  • Dr. Golomb presented on the findings of a study that she and Aline Soules conducted comparing the MLAIB across the various vendor platforms. They found wide variation- look for the results of their work in a forthcoming issue of Journal of Electronic Records Librarianship.
  • The MLA handbook will come out this Spring, questions about the online version centered on the desire for a campus site licence option.

Minutes prepared by Gregory Heald , 2008-2009 Convenor of the MLAIBDG.


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