Annual Conference, June 26, 2004

ALA Annual Meeting – 2004

MLA International Bibliography in Academic Libraries Discussion Group

Saturday, June 26, 2004, at 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Rosen Plaza Hotel Salon 6, Orlando, Florida



I. Welcome and Introductions


2. What’s New with MLA International Bibliography:

Barbara Chen, MLAIB Editor, will bring us up to date on developments with the Bibliography.  Representatives from the vendors/platforms for MLAIB will share changes and plans for the Bibliography.


3. User Guides to the MLA Bibliography:

The MLA International Bibliography has a different look and feel on the different vendor platforms.  How do these look-and-feel issues translate into the way we help our users search this database?  Members of the group are encouraged to bring copies of their user guides to the meeting in Orlando.  If your user guides are online, bring the link to share.  We may also want to look at the article, by Jody Condit Fagan, “Comparative Review of the MLA International Bibliography on EBSCO, InfoTrac, and OVID.”  Charleston Advisor 5.1 (2003): 12-18.


4. MLA Citation Style for Electronic Resources:

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th Edition, 2003 contains citation styles for electronic resources that have been the topic of discussions at reference desks, ALA MidWinter groups, and wherever librarians gather.  We’ll find out what’s been happening in this dynamic arena.


5. Format and Length of the MLAIB Discussion Group Meetings at Conference:

At one time there were two meetings with over-lapping membership and the three-hour timeslot was needed to accommodate these two groups. If we have time in Orlando, we can discuss whether we want to change to a shorter time slot.


Kathleen Kluegel, Co-Chair


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