Annual Conference, July 8, 2000

MLA IB In Academic Libraries Discussion Group Minutes
Annual Conference, July 8, 2000
Chicago, Illinois


The Discussion Group met at 9:30 in Room N128 of the McCormick Center.  Susan Peters called the meeting to order.

There was a brief discussion about the future of the discussion group.  Most of the people present felt that the group was still viable and should continue in its present form.

Terence Ford reported on recent developments concerning the MLA Bibliography.  The 1999 volume, the largest bibliography to date, will be shipped in November as usual.  The new production schedule is working smoothly.  Eighteen people have been hired over the last two years and work continues on the CCCC Bibliography and the expanded coverage for scholarship on the teaching of literature.

The MLA offices will be moving from 10 Astor Place to 26 Broadway, New York City.

William Gargan asked that anyone wanting to suggest topics for discussion at the mid-winter meeting email him with their suggestions at

The Committee adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
William Gargan


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